Let’s Unravel Unilever’s Brand Logo!

Every brand logo is different and has its own story. Unilever, a corporation that owns more than 400 brands has a logo design that defines the same. The Unilever’s monogram brand logo is in the shape of the alphabet U and stands for the brand’s name itself. Now why they choose a blue colour for their brand’s logo I don’t know (may be they like the colour it seems, you never know).

But look closer, can you see icons inside the U? Each icon represents something. Since Unilever is the parent company of so many different brands, they needed a brand logo that would describe the same. Today, we will unravel what each icon stands for! Let’s enlighten ourselves now.

Let’s Unravel Unilever’s Brand Logo!

Unilever’s logo has a total of 24 icons (sans liquid). Let’s observe keenly and know more than what meets the eye.

Sun – nourisher of life and a renewable source of energy. Conveys their efforts to foster eco-friendly production methods.
Spark – represents how they want to sparkle everyone’s life with their amazing and innovative products.
Bee – stands for hard work and creation which is exactly what the brand strives for.
Dove – a symbol of love, freedom and self-expression. Also represents their personal care brand, Dove.
DNA – stands for the genetic footprint of life and the genesis of Unilever’s brand.
Recycle – shows the brand’s commitment to reduce waste.
Lips – represent communication and stands for the makeup brands owned by Unilever.
Ice cream – means enjoyment and pleasure provided by their ice-cream brands.
Hand – means the brand’s pledge to help others
Palm tree – symbolizes nature and its valuable resources.
Flower– resembles the beauty of nature and purity of the brand’s skincare products.
Hair – stands for the haircare brands owned by the Unilever.
Bowl – represents healthy and tasty food.
Swirl – resembles flavourful sauces and spreads by the company.
Heart – a symbol of love, health, compassion and well-being.
Spoon – represents cooking and the brand’s promise to constantly improve its food products.
Chilli pepper – represents fresh ingredients used by the brand.
Fish – symbolizes seafood, another natural resource.
Waves – represents freshness and liveliness.
Particles – metaphorically mean scientific techniques employed by the brand.
Plant – a symbol of growth and new opportunities.
Transformation – shows the dynamic nature of the brand.
Packaging – conveys the unique packaging methods used by the corporation.
Clothes – symbolic to fresh laundry and highlights the n number of detergent brands owned by Unilever.

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