4 Variation Of Dreamworks Logo That Might Have Missed

The epic journey of dreamwork movie studio began many many years ago by 3 very determined founders- Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen, giving rise of the birth of one of the most successful movie media brand. Till now its journey is going strong as each year it launches some really great movies. In facts, its logo design displaying at the beginning of the movie itself brings a happy sensation, isn’t it? Today, we are going to discuss its logo design and variation that they sometimes customized from time to time.

The original logo of the Dreamworks has a boy as a mascot who is fishing form a crescent moon. 


This iconic logo is later animated in many movies recently to add effects of the logo even more. However, apart from this upgrade, Dreemswoks vary their logo from time to time with respect to the particular movie. Lest see some of the examples

1. Kung Fu Panda

In one of the installment if the franchise used ‘the big fat panda’ instead of the boy. After all, the little boy mascot might get injured among this action-packed movie that is all set to telecast. Kudos to the dragon warrior!


2. Master Oogway

In another installment,s the dragon warrior was given a time out and master oogway agreed to do the switch. This logo shows how steady the old KungFu aster still is. It fits very relevant, as master oogway is featured for some time in this installment.

maxresdefault (1)

3. Shreak

Who said all logo design variation must have to change the mascot itself! This variation has no mascot at all but still manages to convey its specialty by altering a single alphabet. If you look at the logo, it’s so impossible to miss the iconic ears that are blended on the letter S. It almost reminds us the supposedly scary but very lovable ogre shreak and lovely Fiona.


4. Poppy

This movie is entertainment packed in the hour and a half duration. The logo shows a silhouette in white against a starry night filled with colorful trolls. The mascot is none other than the very lively and lovely trolls process poppy.



It was quite a ride, isn’t it! We will be back again with such an interesting journey in the future too. Till then stay tuned and don’t forget to get in touch, in case you want to bring our attention to any other DreamWorks logo variation that we missed.


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