The Journey Of The Red Ribbon As The Logo To Represent AIDS Awareness Day



1st December is observed as the World AIDS day in all over the world. It is an effort to spread awareness of this disease along with some of its crucial aspects. There are several taboos attached with it and thus spreading the good words is extremely challenging. Thankfully the red ribbon is used to represent the same. This is a kind of logo design that supports the cause in all around the globe.

Let us take a small tour of its history and find how this red ribbon helps.
Some of the earliest official recording of AIDS dates the back to early 1990s. About a decade later, an art gallery was organized to consider raising awareness for it, in the city of New York. About 12 artists gather to dicuss the same. At that times, people used to tie yellow ribbons on trees, in order to show support for their family and friends serving military and fighting the Gulf war. This idea inspired them to adopt a red ribbon with a loop as the sign to represent AIDS.

download (2).jpg

The color red’s importance
The choice of color red was not random, but rather a decisive one. They avoided colors that would point out the sexuality of any community, and that’s why they avoided colors like purple or pink. They wanted everyone to know that Aids is a matter of concern for every individual, irrespective of any demographics. Red represents boldness, which was needed, as AIDS was a matter of stigma, (sadly, it still is). Red represents love, emotion, and passion- the elements we need to support the patients struggling with it until humankind finds the cure for the same.

How did it become a logo
At that time, just red ribbon stripes were made and distributed manually. At first, it needed some explanation regarding its purpose, but soon it became a universally accepted sign and when things started to move into the domain of printing and electronic approach, the red ribbon was literally converted into a logo design. Now, this logo is what represents AIDS awareness all over the globe. While the red ribbon still serves its purpose gracefull in live events, the graphics version represents every electronic platform simultaneously.

Its effectiveness can be seen everywhere, gradually several other colored ribbons have also been adopted to represent several other cancers. The red ribbon is s symbol for AIDS awareness and support for people battling the same. It is logo well designed after a well-accounted thought process.


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