6 Of the oldest logos over the course of time

6 oldest Business Logos

The logo of a business has become a matter of prime importance, particularly since the emergence of television. In recent times when the social media started to have its significance, the need for a customized logo became imperative. Nowadays, we see logos of every kind, from subtle wordmark logo to dynamic animated logo. However, logs have been around us for a long time indeed.

Today, we will take a stroll through the ages and explore some of the oldest business logos

1. Levi Strauss & Co.
Levi Strauss & Co logo
The red and white textual logo of Levi’s is familiar with youth these days, being a well-known jeans brand. However, its first logo comprised of 2 horses goes back to the year 1886, at that time it used to deal with a variety of clothing.

2. Shell

Shell logo
The brandmark logo of Shell is self-explanatory. This global business dealing with oil and gas used its first logo in the year 1904. The logo has been revamped several times, but each one of them had its main essence unchanged, the shell itself.

3. Heinz

Heinz logo
It is probably one of the only brands to keep its overall logo design persistent over the ages. The well-known brand offering ketchup had its first logo advertising bottled horseradish in the year 1869. The outline, font, and arrangement of the logo stay unchanged till date.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson logo
This multinational company has a very remarkable wordmark logo, that is recognized among all. It is a very remarkable fact that this logo in red has been the first and only logo used since 1887, after mere one year after the foundation of the company itself.

5. Stella Artoi

Stella Artoi logo
This Belgium based beverage company used its first logo in the year 1366. Over the years, the company has made several changes in their product diversification, but logo remained somewhat relevant and similar.

6. Twinings Tea

Twinings Tea London Logo
Among so many tea brands, the name Twinings have its own significance. The fact that it has used its original logo since the year 1887 is not surprising as the company itself is using the original location in London since its founding year 1706.

Even though most of the businesses have revamped their logo, the contribution to their original logo is significant for establishing its first and foremost impression among the audience.


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