9 Steps To Get A Professional Logo Design In The UK

For a business to thrive, you need excellent branding strategy. Logo design is a crucial aspect of branding a business and once you go wrong with your brand’s logo it becomes difficult to go back.

If you live in UK, you already know how professionalism is the ultimate mantra of business here. You need to have a professional logo design that matches with your brand’s profile and separates you from your competitors. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you to get a professional logo design in the UK.

Step 1 – Decide your brand’s name

Consider what you want and what you don’t (1)
If you haven’t decided a unique name for your brand then you can’t expect a logo design. Decide your brand’s name before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 – Consider what you want and what you don’t

Consider what you want and what you don’t

You must have your own preferences and requirements, jot them down in a notepad for future reference.

Step 3 – Search online

Search online

Before creating a logo design, you need to know what kind of logo meets your needs and preferences. Read blogs as they are an excellent way to gain in-depth knowledge about a particular subject. Search for best logo design companies in UK as well.

Step 4 – Shortlist companies

Shortlist companies

After your rigorous online research, you must shortlist some best graphic designing firms in UK.

Step 5 – Compare


Once you have shortlisted the companies, you should compare the graphic designing services offered by them on certain parameters, like portfolios, logo design packages, reviews, etc.

Step 6 – Choose a professional logo design firm

Choose a professional logo design firm
After you’ve made the comparison, choose the best logo design firm in the UK for your logo design project.

Step 7 – Have a thorough discussion with the graphic designer

Have a thorough discussion with the graphic designer
Have a proper conversation with the graphic designer of your chosen logo design company. Be firm about what you want and what you won’t accept. Also, welcome your logo designer’s inputs as he or she knows what’s best.

Step 8 – Ask for edits if needed

Ask for edits if needed
If you are not satisfied with the given concepts of the designer, then request for edits instead of compromising on your logo design.

Step 9 – Get copyright for your logo

Get copyright for your logo
Seek copyright protection as soon as you receive your final logo design.

Hope the above information helps you to get a professional logo design for your brand. Many logo design firms in UK provide affordable online graphic design services to the business owners, so make the right choice.



Let’s Unravel Unilever’s Brand Logo!

Every brand logo is different and has its own story. Unilever, a corporation that owns more than 400 brands has a logo design that defines the same. The Unilever’s monogram brand logo is in the shape of the alphabet U and stands for the brand’s name itself. Now why they choose a blue colour for their brand’s logo I don’t know (may be they like the colour it seems, you never know).

But look closer, can you see icons inside the U? Each icon represents something. Since Unilever is the parent company of so many different brands, they needed a brand logo that would describe the same. Today, we will unravel what each icon stands for! Let’s enlighten ourselves now.

Let’s Unravel Unilever’s Brand Logo!

Unilever’s logo has a total of 24 icons (sans liquid). Let’s observe keenly and know more than what meets the eye.

Sun – nourisher of life and a renewable source of energy. Conveys their efforts to foster eco-friendly production methods.
Spark – represents how they want to sparkle everyone’s life with their amazing and innovative products.
Bee – stands for hard work and creation which is exactly what the brand strives for.
Dove – a symbol of love, freedom and self-expression. Also represents their personal care brand, Dove.
DNA – stands for the genetic footprint of life and the genesis of Unilever’s brand.
Recycle – shows the brand’s commitment to reduce waste.
Lips – represent communication and stands for the makeup brands owned by Unilever.
Ice cream – means enjoyment and pleasure provided by their ice-cream brands.
Hand – means the brand’s pledge to help others
Palm tree – symbolizes nature and its valuable resources.
Flower– resembles the beauty of nature and purity of the brand’s skincare products.
Hair – stands for the haircare brands owned by the Unilever.
Bowl – represents healthy and tasty food.
Swirl – resembles flavourful sauces and spreads by the company.
Heart – a symbol of love, health, compassion and well-being.
Spoon – represents cooking and the brand’s promise to constantly improve its food products.
Chilli pepper – represents fresh ingredients used by the brand.
Fish – symbolizes seafood, another natural resource.
Waves – represents freshness and liveliness.
Particles – metaphorically mean scientific techniques employed by the brand.
Plant – a symbol of growth and new opportunities.
Transformation – shows the dynamic nature of the brand.
Packaging – conveys the unique packaging methods used by the corporation.
Clothes – symbolic to fresh laundry and highlights the n number of detergent brands owned by Unilever.

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Logo Design In UK: Factors To Consider When Choosing Custom Logo Design For Your Business

Have you ever seen a brand or business without a logo? No, right? A custom logo design is one of the core aspects of a brand or business. To stand out in this ever-competitive market, you need to build a strong identity.

Your logo design helps to grab your potential customer’s attention, so it has to be unique and catchy.In this blog, the following tips should help you to pick the suitable kind of logo for your brand or business:

Understand the type of logo you need:

Understand the type of logo you need

Before you decide on your logo design, you need to look what type of logo suits your business the most. Your logo is going to represent your business and customers will associate and will judge your business depending on the quality of the logo. The uniqueness of the logo is going to make people take more interest into your brand or business and will help them take initiative to learn more about you. Therefore, the first step will be to look your best. Isnt it?

Pay attention to colors:

Pay attention to colors

The psychology behind color is complex, but you have to keep it simple. Colors convey certain emotions and ideas. For example, red stands for passion, blue symbolizes trustworthiness, a minimalist black and white logo is the way to go if you want to keep it simple for a sleek and modern look.

Pay attention to simplicity:



Inserting too many details in a logo will make it look more complex. Try to keep it simple. Apply soft colors and clear shapes so that it becomes easier for the audience to understand and recognize the brand. For example, the logo of Puma or Apple is simple, yet attractive.

Separates you from your competitors:

Separates you from your competitors

The uniqueness of the logo will help your brand to separate from your competitors. Therefore, an appropriate logo design will help customers communicate with your brand.

There are many ways to get a custom logo design, so you should consider which one suits you the best. But it is best to hire a professional logo designing firm, as the professional logo designers have a deep understanding of what design suits your brand the most.

Bring Some Holiday Cheer To Your Logo Design

Christmas is around the corner. During this time every businesses try to change their branding strategy to attract more customers. One of the easiest way to stay ahead of your competitors is seasonal branding. However, it is not easy just to stick a Santa hat or a Christmas tree on your logo. You need to make sure the logo design is aesthetically pleasing and still representing your brand identity.

Here are some of the tips on how to incorporate holiday cheer to your logo design in the UK to ensure you stay relevant to your business this Xmas.

• Do use festive color schemes

Do use festive color schemes

Color is one key sign that Christmas is around. Over 70% of people say that color enhances brand recognition. Therefore, making a change in your logo design color scheme should not be taken lightly. The following are some recognizable color scheme of the festive season which you can use in your logo design :

1. Red and Green
2. Blue and White
3. Red and Gold
4. Blue and Silver
5. Silver and Gold

• Do use festive icons

Do use festive icons

If you do not want to change the color scheme of your logo design, you can still add holiday spirit with different festive icons. Choosing which icon will fit your logo will depend upon the type of business you run. The following are some of the festive elements you can incorporate into your logo design:

1. Bells
2. Lights
3. Mittens
4. Christmas trees
5. Snowflakes
6. Reindeer
7. Snowman
8. Bow
9. Santa hat.
10. Sleigh

• Do make the logo design recognizable

Do make the logo design recognizable

It is important to make sure that your logo is still recognizable even after the revamp. Using the festive elements which will make the logo more attractive without losing its originality.

• Do hire a professional

Do hire a professional

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional logo designer and get a desirable logo design for your business. A professional logo designer in the UK has a deep understanding of how to create a unique and stylish logo design to meet your requirements. Many online logo designing firms provide festive offers on logo designing packages for every business out there. Therefore, it is the best time of the year to revamp or redesign your logo.

To stand out during the holiday season, you need to embrace the Christmas spirit. The best way to be presentable is by adding festivity to your logo design. Use the above-mentioned tips to ensure that your brand is up to date and aesthetically appealing to the customers.


5 Things Every Startup Restaurant Must Consider These Dyas

Startups in the UK is blooming in the rate like never before, especially the restaurant business. As per graphic designing companies at least 4 out of every 10 professional logo designs is for a new restaurant business. so. In case you are starting your own restaurant business then you are about to face some tough competitions.

Today, we are sharing some tips that will give you an edge over the other restaurant business.

1. Get A Profesional Logo Design

Get A Profesional Logo Design

First of all, you need to build your brand and professional logo design is the best way to do it. It will help people recognize your brand and help it stand-alone from its competitors. So, have your logo designed very wisely. It should have your business name and also 1-2 elements that shout out your business nature to the people.

2. Build a Web Presence And Social Media Profile

Build a Web Presence And Social Media Profile

People look for a business online these days, so it’s crucial that your business stays online. Hence, make sure to invest in a website design company to get a dynamic website for your brand. Also, make sure to have an active social media profile in leading social platform.

3. Offers And Discounts

Offers And Discounts

In this intense world, it is important to offer features that make people want to reach out to you rather than your competitors. So, consider giving a lucrative offer and discounts from time to time, particularly during some event or festival. This will make them wanna consider your business.

4. Tie-Ups With Food Delivery Business

Food Delivery Business

In this busy world, you can get more orders if you offer a home delivery service to customers at little or no extra charge. So, consider tieing up with food delivery businesses online. You will gain lots of visibility and also be able to get orders from people residing far away from your locality.

5. Signature And Flexible Menu

Signature And Flexible Menu

Even though your restaurant should be known for offering something unique as your signature dish, but have enough options for people of diversified taste to find something on your menu. Try including something new in the menu from time to time.

So, follow these tips to make sure your business becomes a hit in your locality first and then you can focus on expanding its horizon.

How Much Should You Spend For Your Customized Logo Design

Are you deciding to get your logo done anytime soon? You certainly have a goal logo design that attracted you immensely and made you wish your logo could do something similar. It is best to consider a logo design package if you are a little uncertain about the same. But either way, do you know how much you should ideally spend on your logo design? Let’s discuss the same, in details.


If you search online, you will find out many individuals and graphic design service providers charge in a wide range for logo designs. Some will charge you way too much. They will claim it to be justified as they offer 100% unique, original logo design with features like never before and so on. Before you fall for that, you need to remind yourself that a costly logo does not guarantee that it will be a winning factor for your business. In fact, adding too many elements to the logo can do the opposite. So, think twice before you spend extravagantly for getting one logo design.

Flat logo

In case, you are thinking of spending too little is right for you, think once more. Most business or individual that offer graphic designing services who are eager to offer logo design at way too cheap price are most likely using some flat icons for the internet itself. Often it also happens that these are copied from some other brand’s logo, only after altering some minor element. You might not be able to detect that it is copied or a generic icon logo at first, but it will surely have some issue when you try to have it registered for copyright. By that point, there is no other way but to re-do it all over again.


So, what is the solution then? Well, set an optimum budget for your logo design. You can get many graphic design companies that offer customized and professional logo design at an affordable price. They, not only offer their services a reasonable price for both logos design and logo designing package. But before finalizing the company, it is crucial to check a few things first. Their reviews online, past work and after-sales service are the most important factors.

If you are looking at the right place, you are likely to find a decent place to get a high-quality professional logo design, even at an optimum budget.